Stars & Methodology 2

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these are the third and fourth parts of the article on next page, since talking about the stars is always fine. All the times we say I con-sider, con-sidering, it means referring to the stars, according to the Latin ethimology. Being with them. Considering, means thinking of someone, something so relevant, meaningful to us, to be con-sidered among the stars.

That's always a good start. The human being started thinking looking up at the sky, wondering about those far twinkling points with no explanation so long ago, misterious, an invitation to start con-sidering things, reality, life, reciprocity, according to each one's perception, reflecting about the sense of everything surrounding us. Words are a sort of magic, if we just wanted to welcome them and communicate why they were born. Words are like faded stars, their meaning, or light, still coming to us, after very long time, a "visible" meaning.

This is methodology 2, three pages with questions for teachers I wrote for a three meeting reciprocal training, and  whoever wants to contribute to the improvement of the learning and teaching field.

It would be so useful if you chose, con-sidered,  the questions you think are more relevant and replied as a comment below. Being meticolous at this stage means to avoid neglecting what can be useful later on. 

In addition, to keep record of any development of our reflections can offer the possibility to meet the needs of whoever wants to share the effort to grow professionally and personally.

There is also so much of the methodology we "act" in our classes on the page called "Independent study projects: the use of art/photography in the EFL Classroom" on your right.

It will be engaging reading your comments and replying.

Anna - Coordinator


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