Welcoming Mediterranean Cruise Passengers 2

Hi everybody, 

our Summer English Classes are going to start this year too! 

In addition to meeting cruise passengers, we are going to practice the language also in places where tourists usually get together like bars, cafés.

Come to class ready to behave in English. After the first activity, having breakfast, we will write dialogues in pairs onto papers on the walls and we will role play them. 

We will have a look at last year's students' productions, stories on cardboards based on photos from magazines.  We will ask them to tell us about their previous experience, how they got their inspiration and working with fun and committment, we will be ready to meet Mediterranean cruise passengers this year too, on July 27 and 28, two days on which so many English speaking passengers are disembarking in Livorno to set up their trips and visit Tuscan cities. 

We will also visit Livorno from the water, going on a boat trip along the canals, in the beautiful Venezia neighbourhood and invite you all to come with us to welcome English speaking people and practice the language, thus enriching both, ourselves and our city. 

Anna - Coordinator

Source: photos taken last year with the kind students' parents' permission.




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