Coconuts and Peaches


Caterina, Isabella, Monica, Valentina, Francesco, Maurizio, Fabio, Alessio, Emanuele,  Alenia, Paola, Giuseppe, 

and whoever wants to contribute to our English project partecipating in our blog, 

what type of relationship do you usually estabilish with people you meet?

Is there a pattern?

Are there differences according to the context, what do you usually perceive about people?

Are you interested in comprehending what sort of person they are? 

Let us know your experiences and what makes you feel involved in relationships with human beings. without revealing too much of you and your counterpart, of course, but giving your impressions and opinions about the subject in a comment, referring to the content of the article. 

Anyway, do you feel being a Coconut or a Peach, if you like this figurative language?

In case you want to continue reading the second article, go on with the small picture.

Anna - Coordinator 

Source: Speak Up, November 2014  






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