A boat with a view

Good morning, afternoon, evening,


this is one more identity London can have. It is a city that offers people a different life, since so many live on a boat.


1. Would you like to?

2.What do you think can be attractive and positive about this type of life?

3. What do you think of what Melanie says:

"Being on the water, where you move up and down with the tide, you have a different view all the time, you're not always in the same place. You have that feeling of connecting with the way the world is turning".

Let us know, we'll be very pleased to talk about that in class.

Anna - Coordinator


Source: Speak Up November 2014  




0 #2 caterina 2014-11-28 13:15
No I wouldn't , the only thing that I would like about living on a boat is the possibility of having a different view tanks to the tide of the Thames.
I like also the community spirit of people , that's very unusual in a big city .
Anyway , the only thing I could agree with is the possibility of having a kind of activity on a boat such as a floating cafes or second hand book shops.
A safe and cosy place where to come back at the end of each day is a priority for me, that's why I do prefer a traditionally brick house .
0 #1 Fabio Barsotti 2014-11-24 20:21
1. No, I wouldn’t. It’s so romantic, but I think that such an accommodation is too much uncertain.
2. Maybe such a lifestyle represents an agreement between country life and modernity. Into the boat you can feel like an “old sea dog”, and outside you are a real citizen again. If you need, you can stay alone among millions of people.
3. Melanie seems to like a world in continuous evolution, a really alive world. On the contrary I need definite reference points and a place to come back.

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