One way trip to Mars

Good day, 

what do you think of the idea of leaving planet Earth and go to Mars? 

If you were offered this possibility, would you accept it?

In the States there are 200.000 applicants for one way trip to Mars, and one thousand have already been selected fo this one way journey foreseen for 2023. 

A human mission will follow and unmanned one, carried out by a Rover explorer to find the best place for the human mission to settle.

Mars too will be colonized then, after two living units, two support systems and two supply units will have been launched to make human beings settle on the planet. The first crew will be there in 2023 and every two years a new one will join them. 

What does strike you most about this article?  

What do you think of the differences among peoples living on planet Earth? 

Would you take into consideration the idea of leaving planetEarth? 


Anna - Coordinator 

Source: Speak Up April 2014