The Universe, once more.

 Good morning,afternoon, evening, 

who can tell us why we wrote The Universe "Once more" ? 

Is the Universe a subject of interest to you?

What about the figurative language that uses universe as a noun?  

Where can you see a universe or universes, or better, as it's being sayed nowadays, a multiverse? 

Have you read any of the books written by Stephen Hawking together with his daughter Lucy?

Do you know any films involving subjects such as wormholes, or time travelling?

Let us know either here or in class. Read the article and enjoy your English!

Federica: what a good contribution, yours, to our page!  Definetely a good interpretation, yours, of "once more" and it might be.  We meant that since the universe is both figurative language and an ispiration to this blog, it is on previous pages too. Visit some of them, including the third on your right from the blue menu. What a pity we can't find enough time to upload more and make you reply! But we'll try, do not despair. 

Anna - Coordinator 

Source: Speak Up, April 2019