Soft skills at work


Good morning, afternoon, evening,


since success at work also depends on a series of skills quite difficult to be defined, we are going to deal with them.

With this page we continue talking about our professions.

What do you mainly like of your job?

Which task do you think you fulfill best?

What is the role played by other people in jour job? 

What skills do you appreciate more in other people? 

How can they be correlated to the goals targeted in rheir and your job?

Read the pages of this article and come to class ready to speak about them, comparing your ideas with those of your mates.

Try to broaden your reflextions as much as possible and in case you can write them as a comment here before that.

These are aspects of our jobs for long time undervaluated, while they are fundamental in building up that "soft" complexity that reveals itself being a resource noy only for our job, but for life too. 


Let us know and never forget to enjoy your English 


Anna - Coordinator 

Source: Speak Up April 2019