Europe & PET Practice Writing Part 2 and 3, Speaking Part 2

Hello Dennis, Marina, Michelle, Alessandro, Alice, Pier Daniele, Haila, Riccardo, Tama, Chiara, Lorenzo, Camilla, Alessandro, Alina, Alessio, Diego, Alessio, Alyssia, Martina, Alessandro, Greta, Federico, Marta, Kejsi, Sara, Leonardo, Marianna, Chiara,  Valerio, Francesca, Moundor, Xhuljana, Gabriele, Martina, Chiara, Riccardo, Davide, Eleonora, Francesco

and Federica, Silvia, Loretto, Mirella, Daniele, Elisa, 

this is a page for you to practice some more parts of the PET Examination you are going to cope with soon. 

PET Paper 1 Reading and Writing: Reading Part 2 (Question 6),  Writing Part 3 (Questions 7 - 8)

PET Speaking Test, Speaking Part 2 (2 - 3 minutes)

Read carefully the texts that riproduce exactly what your interlocutor is going to tell you when tested at the exam. 

Try to have the whole vision of the exam and go to pass itafter practicing as often as you can any single part of it, so to have no difficulties. Create by yourselves your own advantages, you will be more satisfied of yourselves. 

A proof passed is a good result not just for the school, but for you and your entire life. . 

Enjoy your English, 

Anna - Coordinator 

Source: own source material for PON 3504 and photos taken on May 9