Children & English

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our workshops with children intend to offer an experience to solicit their potential for attention, dedication to a task, so creating a first link with what will be an additional identity in their future, also being speakers of English.

--- B English 2! ---

It is important in this first phase of a structured approach to the language that children perceive it as a friendly reality, which in its various stages of growth, will continue to have its time and space for dedication.

The tasks assigned to the children are varied, among which coloring the English letter of their name, listening to and seeing the story of the Gingerbread Man, counting the pictures of a puzzle and saying their names in English, coloring stencils, listening to stories from Pop Up books, singing and acting nursery rhymes, replying to simple questions. . .

Once the context has been created, English must be simple to be understood naturally and so it happens. Children naturally accept communication in another language.

Performing activities is essential for the Language to be perceived as real, effective, meaningful. Focus is on understanding the message and performing the task it proposes.
If a positive precedent is created, the relationship acts on several levels, including those of non-awareness that remain subtended, and then surface when stimuli occur.

It is important that no discomfort is perceived, or inadequacy, but instead a pleasant relationship and fun.

Introjected the perceptions, whenever in the future children find themselves to relate to English, it will always be an outpouring of positive nuclei that can be skillfully put in relation with each other and with the interlocutors to restart activating any single moment the process of language acquisition.

Consuelo, thank you for your comment. For sure languages can open up horizons able to offer children a different destiny, always better. Lucky children, yours!

Anna - Coordinator

Source - Own photos taken with parents' permission