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Danka's Letter

Good morning, afternoon, evening,


this is the page for the Elementary groups that we started studying in class and we didn't have time to complete.

Please for next time read it carefully and write a similar letter to someone you know, speaking about your class.

Divide your writing into paragraphs and make them correspond to Danka's letter.

It will be easier for you to be formally correct. Then read it aloud and start telling it without reading any more.

As far as we are elementary students, it's much better to follow patterns, and Danka is exactly like us, a student of English as a second language; her English is perfect.

Do the same to become familiar with the language and develop your writing skill time after time so to consolidate your competence and have the capability of reemploying it also orally. 

Ask any questions you may need and upload your letter as a comment.

We will reply.

See you in class to continue working together

Anna - Coordinator

Source: Headway Elementary - Digital - OUP 2010


These days I'm going around with copies of the "Squirrel" mentioned below, in my car, in case there's someone who wants to support our NPO and its projects, offering the book as a present to a friend or anyone else.


Massimiliano: very good job! in a class, singular; thirty students; they are all Italian; I live with my wife in Cecina.

Francesca: very good email! English and all nationalities need capital letter; at UP, no article; psychologist then punctuation; safety, I, subject pronoun, always capital letter. 

Gianluca: very nice letter! Nationalities with capital letter; at Università Popolare, capital letters, no translation; Silvana is a ...Safety technician; Francesca has a cat, his/its name's; remember punctuation, including commas.

Annapia: my suggestion to everybody is to follow a pattern, i.e. Danka's letter above, for an English-style writing. You can adapt the pattern to your situation.

Christmas holidays plural, they pronoun, aren't going well.  

Rest/stay calm, live peacefully; is this fine to express your ideas?

It won't last forever. These ideas are too difficult at our level, use present simple and focus on formal correctness and accuracy.

I can't understand this last line, I present etc. The tense should be present continuous, we haven't studied it yet. 

Soon, adverb, not son noun; greeting etc is a translation from Italian, but it is not English. Have a look at Danka's letter again. 

When speaking and writing at elementary level, you should be like English people at that level. Use your elementary English studied so far to be like them. 

Fabio: I'm writing, present continuous, a tense we haven't studied yet. Danka writes, here  is an email etc; because; my English isn't enough, refers to quantity; you can say my English isn't good enough, referring to quality; she's very nice and a very good teacher, using the indefinite article for countable nouns; small; greeting dear embrace, have a look at what I wrote to Annapia; use simple English expression to close an informal email.

Silvana: UP no article; he is plus indefinite article for a countable noun; after exciting, punctuation; some restaurants are expensive; walking.  Good job!

Pina: very well done! Continue, choosing another page on the blog and writing other comments!

Nicola: very nice email! Except for a few/very few; he works for a computer company that makes...; Cecina is a small town. 

Annapia: I heard you are not feeling well; your daughter will care well; I will tell the teacher and the class about you. Best wishes to recover soon to Maria Grazia then, by all of us!

Vincenzo: you've done a very great job, Vincenzo, the same you're doing in class. Continue practicing, paying attention to any single detail, and I'm sure you won't have problems any more with your English very soon! 

Do not forget, nationalities need capital letter, then Italian; she is no apostrophe, or contracted, she's; because I am not very good at.... speaking, performing, English, or my English isn't very good. I wouldn't say that, continue choosing another page and upload your comment replying to the questions.


See you in class!






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0 #10 vincenzo 2016-01-19 20:22
Dear Maria,
How are you?I'm fine.This is my first email in English!
I have classes in English at Itis school.In my class there are eight people and all of them are italian.Our teacher's name's Anna.She'is a good teacher.
I do this course because I'm not very well in English.I hope that this course will help me.
I'm 16 years old and I live in Livorno with my parents and my sister.Write to me,soon.
0 #9 annapia 2016-01-07 09:56

Dear Maria Grazia,
How are you? I feel not good. I'm sorry about your accident.
Stay calm and rest, your daugther wil care weil, the house is confortable.
Present your new Miss Anna and classe.Come back soon, please come.
Love Anna
0 #8 Nicola Lacetera 2016-01-06 17:32
Dear Roberta,

How are you? I'm very well. This is an email in English.
It may be a good training for you and me!

I attend an English course at The Gemelli Institute in Cecina, Italy. I'm in a classroom with many other students. All of them, except someone, are Italian. Our teacher's name's Anna. She's a very clever woman and a very expert teacher.

I live with my wife in a flat of a building located quite far from downtown. My only son lives in his own flat which is closer to the city center. He's 37 and he works at the computer for a company that makes plant projects.

Cecina is a small, but very nice city, located near the sea. There are a lot of restaurants, two cinemas, a theater and many other interesting places. In short, it is a typical tourist center.

Email me soon!

Love, Nicola
0 #7 Pina Petrosemolo 2016-01-06 14:31
Dear friend
Haw are yuo ? I'm fine
It's the first time I write an email in English . My English is very poor,but I have a good teacher of English and I am sure to be able.My teacher's name's Anna.
I have classes in English a the Gemelli Scool. I am in a class with twenty-seven students.They're all from different countries.
I live in Cecina and work in the bar of my son.
I have two twin grandsons Federico and M.Sofia of nine.
They are my delight
0 #6 Silvana 2016-01-04 15:39
My dear,
How are you? I'm fine; I study English at the Università Popolare in Rosignano.
I'm in a class with seven students, they're from different countries: Germany, Romania and Italy.
Our teacher's name's Anna; she is a very nice, a very good teacher.
I live with my family in Castiglioncello. My husband Fabio is 61, he is safety techinician, he has no brothers and sisters.
He is very funny, it isn't easy to understand him: he speaks just a little English.
Castiglioncello isn't very big, but it's very exciting same restaurants are expansive, bars and cafes are nice.
It isn't hot now, but it's lovely to be near to sea and wolking.
Email me soon
Bye Silvana
0 #5 Fabio 2016-01-03 19:08
Dear Giles,
How are you? I'm fine.
I write this email in English, it's the first time.
I attend an English course at Università Popolare in Rosignano. I attend the course becouse my English isn't enough. I'm in a class with seven students. Among the students there's also my wife. Our teacher's name's Anna. She's very nice a very good teacher.
I live with my wife in a house in Castiglioncello, it's a smoll town near the sea and it's lovely.
Email my soon, greeting dear the embrace.
Bye Fabio
0 #4 annapia 2016-01-03 14:51
Dear Maria Gracie,
my sorrow for you incident.
The your Christmas holiday, unfortunately, they are disgreable.
Rest calm you dowon you, live a paceful you.
It won't forever.
I present the new a miss Anna and a class.
Secure of see again soon.
Email my son, greeting dear the embrace.
Anna Pia
0 #3 Gianluca 2015-12-28 20:41
Dear Friend,
How are you?I'm fine.This is my first email in english.
I have classes in english at the university popolare in Rosignano Solvay.I'm in a class with six students,four Italian one German one Romanian.My teacher's name's Anna,she's a very nice teacher.
Angela is German,she lives in Castiglioncello she has a daughter.
Silvana in a psychologist her husband's name's Fabio,he is a safety technical .
Michela is Romanian she has two daughters.
Francesca had a cat,he's name's Giulio.
Giovanni is a parachutist he isn't married.
I leave in a flat in Rosignano Solvay a small town near Livorno.
email me soon
ciao Gianluca
0 #2 Francesca 2015-12-20 19:26
Dear Laura, how are you? Here is a first letter in english. I have classes in english at the Università Popolare in Rosignano, a little town near Livorno, In Italy. I am in a class with five students, sometimes they are seven. They are from different countries: Italy, Germany and Romania. Our teacher is Anna; she is a very good teacher. Mihaela is from Romania. She is a dental technician and she has two daughters. She is 45. Angela is from Germany and she has a daughter, her name is Manuela. Silvana is a psycologist she lives in Castiglioncello with her husband, Fabio. He is a work safetu techinician in the port of Livorno. They like cooking. Giovanni is 55 years old. He is a parachutist. His first jump was in 1981. He lives in Rosignano and he has one sister, her name is Antonietta. Learning english is difficult, but i enjoy it. It is good pratice for me. Write to me, soon. Francesca

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