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Wishes for the world

Good morning, afternoon, evening, 


thank you Caterina for appreciating biking. I's so important to keep a strong bond with phisical activities. Too frequentely we miss the perception of what our body is, we don't know what potential it has, what its resources are. We go too often to the doctor, without observing what we can do due to embodying all our skills. For we do have skills, haven't we?  

One of them is the capability of making wishes, what we are going to talk about today.


1. If you had to make some, what would they be? 

2. What does it mean putting wishes in action? 

3. What are TED Prizes aimed at? 


After reading the page, 


4. What kind of food is a problem for Jamie Oliver?

5. Who does he think should eat more healthily?

6. What is Sugata Mitra's "school in the cloud"?

7. Who does Mitra think children can learn without?

8. What does JR believe could change the world?

9. Who did JR want to influence in Pakistan?  


After replying to these questions, find words or phrases from the text that mean:


a. participate (Miranda)  

b. alone, without help (Daniel) 

c. the way they prefer (Daniel) 

d. change the world dramatically (Leila) 


Practice and enjoy your English, if you love it, it will love you. 

Anna - Coordinator 

Source: CULT DeA Scuola 2015


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0 #3 Eleonora 2015-04-15 12:34
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0 #2 Eleonora 2015-04-14 22:07
2. Putting wishes in action it's the first step for a real change. It's not necessary to do great and complicated things, just something to realize your wishes and believe in them.
3. The TED prizes are aimed to find and encouraging ideas to realize real changes for the world.
4. He believes that many children eat too much junk food.
5. He thinks they have to eat more fresh food
6. It's a school where children learn and explore on their own using computers and internet.Teachers help them to take control over their learning.
7. He think they can learn without adults intervention
8. He thinks if everybody stood up for what they cared about by participating in projects world can change.
9. With his photo he wanted to influences drone operators to stop the bombing
0 #1 Eleonora 2015-04-14 22:06
1.Dreaming it's easy, but to realize the wishes it's really hard. Anyway we can try to dream a better world, with most equity, justice and peace and do every day actions to strat the change .... like in the song by John Lennon.
I believe for humanity one of most important thing it's to produce enough food of good quality for all populations, respecting natural resources and farmers working, for a long period sustainability.

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